TCP305+TCP300A 电流测量系统




  • Automatic scaling and units2 - Oscilloscope on-screen readout of magnitude and amps reduces measurement errors with no more hand calculations
  • AC/DC input coupling
  • Low insertion impedance reduces device under test loading
  • Split-core construction allows easy circuit connection
  • Status indicators provide visual operating status and notification of potential error conditions - degauss, probe open, overload, not terminated into 50 Ω, noncompatible probe type
  • Low DC drift and noise allows improved low-level current measurements
  • 3rd party safety certification

2 Requires a TDS TEKSCOPE oscilloscope or a TekConect oscilloscope with TCA-BNC adapter

  • Development and analysis solutions for designers, installers, and service personnel in telecom, data comm, computer, and semiconductor power electronics environments for:


    • Power supplies (switching and linear)
    • Semiconductor devices (SCRs, IGBTs, MOSFETs, CMOS, BJTs)
    • Power inverters/converters
    • Electronic ballasts
    • Industrial/consumer electronics
    • Mobile communications (phone, satellite, relay stations)
    • Motor drives
    • Transportation systems (electronic vehicles, electric trains, locomotives, avionics)


Meets today's AC/DC current measurement applications

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The TCPA300 amplifier, when used with TCP312A, TCP305A, or TCP303 probes, provides a wide range of current measurement capability and spans the gap between low-level milliamp measurements to very high current levels. These three probes provide current measurement capabilities of 30 A, 50 A, and 150 A DC continuous. For even higher current levels, the TCPA400 amplifier with the TCP404XL current probe measures 500 A DC continuous and 750 A DC continuous, derated with duty cycle.

Higher-frequency performance is available with the TCP312A w/TCPA300 providing ≥100 MHz bandwidth and a maximum current of 30 A DC.

Measurement errors and manual calculations are now a thing of the past

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With this new series of current measurement tools, automatic control and on-screen scaling and units is provided for users of Tektronix TDS3000, TDS500, TDS600, TDS700, TDS5000, TDS6000, and TDS7000B series oscilloscope systems (the DPO3000, MDO/MSO/DPO4000, MSO/DPO5000, and DPO7000 series oscilloscopes, the TPA-BNC adapter is required).

The TCP300/TCP400 current measurement systems seamlessly integrate with your TDS series oscilloscope.

Even non-TEKPROBE systems can use the TCPA300/400 series to make proper current measurements by simply multiplying the measured output voltage on the oscilloscope by the TCPA300/400 series range setting.



TCP305A w/ TCPA300


DC – 50 MHz

Rise time

≤7 ns

DC accuracy

±3% of reading

DC accuracy, typical

±1% of reading

Lowest measurable current (at ±3% accuracy at DC) 
Scope set to 1 mV/div and 20 MHz BW limited

5 mA

Maximum Amp-Second product, typical (Based on amplifier range setting)

500 A*μS – 5 A/V 
NA – 10 A/V

Maximum wire voltage, bare insulated

150 V CAT II 300 V CAT II

AC-coupling low-frequency Bandwidth, typical (Low pass – 3 dB point)

<7 Hz

Displayed RMS noise, typical (at 20 MHz bandwidth limit)

≤1.25 mA RMS

Signal delay (to output BNC)

19 ns

Insertion impedance

0.02 Ω at 1 MHz 0.1 Ω at 10 MHz 
0.35 Ω at 50 MHz

Maximum current ratings

High-current sensitivity


TCP305A w/ TCPA300


10 A/V

DC (continuous)

50 A

RMS (sinusoidal)

35.4 A


50 A

Low-current sensitivity


TCP305A w/ TCPA300


5 A/V

DC (continuous)

25 A

RMS (sinusoidal)

17.7 A


50 A